In my few weeks on thoughts, I've noticed one recurring comment about myself and my blogs: Alot of people mention how wise I am for my age. Now, I'm not going to bother with an introduction and just jump right into it: What makes a person wise?

Up until recently, I always thought wisdom was always knowing the best thing to do in all kinds of situations, even really difficult ones. I'm certainly not like this, but I tend to think that if you learn a few things the hard way, you learn them better. I've learnt quite a few things the hard way, thus I kind of know what to avoid. Or I just observe people and take into account what results the risks these people take have on them.

I guess it's an observation game, knowing what to avoid in life and how to do so. I've kind of figured out that wisdom isn't necessarily having all the answers to life's problems, often in the form of cheesy cliches and preachy conservatism, it's just looking at what goes on around you.. I think, anyway, I've probably just got more thinking to do about it. Nevertheless, confusing topic.

A good example of someone I think is wise in alot of ways is my best friend at school, Daniel. If you met him, you would never pick him for the wise, guru-ish type. He's the most random, hyperactive human being I have ever met. He goofs off alot and loves death/heavy metal more than anyone I've ever encountered; but since getting to know him, I've realised that, away from school, he's a totally different person. We talk online alot and I've discovered that, beneath his constant hyperactivity, there's alot of deep thought. He doesn't make it obvious at school, at all, I'm not sure why (he does things all for his own reasons anyway, he feels no need to justify his actions to everyone), but his inner wisdom shocked me a little, even though I picked up on the fact he was at least a little wise.

The only times I've seen his wisdom show through in school is when one of the trainers is having an in-depth discussion with the class, and he'll say something deep and meaningful (without giggling or bouncing around), something like "I guess fear and respect are more easily confused than we think.. Fear can incite fake respect, and some people only 'respect' others out of fear or insecurity." That point he made, only on Monday, really struck me. Besides the fact it was something I never really thought about and I felt I could relate to immensely, it said alot about how wise a person Daniel is.

Just now, on the phone, I told Fez what I was talking about, and he offered his insight too, which I thought was definitely worth mentioning: He thinks that being humble and not letting your emotions fly away with you is a big part of wisdom. He alslo thinks that truly wise people would not be preachily conservative (new word, woo!), because they wouldn't be humble then. He generally thinks wise people are very calm, calculated, respectful, humble, friendly people - in other words, him. Not that he thinks that. In his contrary opinion, he thinks neither Daniel, him or myself are wise - he thinks we're insightful, not wise. I agree with him. Not entirely, but I still agree. 

What those two have said has given me myself more wisdom, it gave me another valuable point in life to take into account.. Hey, maybe your own wisdom just feeds off the wisdom off other peoples'.. I could speculate and hypothesize forever, no-one can ever really figure it out.. Maybe, I can't really say that, either. I guess in the end it's how you, yourself, perceive it.. Either way, the very definition of wisdom is ambiguous in itself, I guess you have to define it for yourself.  
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  1. meredith

    I think wisdom is also the ability to see “reality” and not just “what you want to see”. One of the reasons I think you are wise is that you don’t live in bubble, always expecting life to turn out the way you want it to. Some kids your age (and many adults as well) can’t see that life takes unexpected twists and turns and sometimes you just need to roll with it and, if possible, learn something. Wisdom, to me, is also the ability to see both sides of a story and comment objectively. I stick to my initial observation that you are wise!

    June 17, 2008
  2. Mezlie

    Thanks TheAlreadyJaded and Meredith!

    Meri, I agree with your point on wisdom aswell! I guess everyone’s definition of wisdom is kind of different, personally I find it a little overwhelming. Haha!

    June 18, 2008