Well, it's happened.

Hey guys, for those of you who read my blog regarding the likelihood of my school's future, well, my suspicions were right: My school is closing down next month, at the end of term, due to understaffing and financial strain. Can't fucking believe it. I mean, you say these things will happen but when they actually do, it's a big shock.

This particuarly sucks, not just for me, but for all the other kids who will be thrown in a black hole because they didn't get a chance to finish their course and can't go back to mainstream school, or afford TAFE, luckily for me I think I've finished my course for the year already and I'll be right to move on to TAFE next year to do year 11 & 12, I'm just a little worried about my peers.

If this were a normal school which I didn't like, I wouldn't have given a shit. However, as I have mentioned in the past, due to my school's extremely low population (roughly 55 students), even the people I didn't like as much as others were still like extended family to me. This is honestly the only school I've ever felt close to, ever. Ever ever ever. Probably the only one I will feel close to (pessimism alert!!).

On the relatively bright side, this could mean I have from September until February off, but that would get awfully boring and I'd probably look for part time work.

I'm sure if a lot of my peers read this blog, they would laugh out loud, thinking "BAAAAHAHAHAHA HOW CAN SHE ACTUALLY MISS THAT SHIT-HOLE?! WHAT A LOSER!" because most students hate going there as it is a "joke" to them because of the unorganised (lack of) structure and constant stream of substitute teachers, but the joke's on them, they really do care at that place, and it wasn't an easy decision for them to make, but honestly, it doesn't surprise me. I just don't want it to happen.

It figures that the only place I relatively like going to 5 days a week first thing in the morning closes down prematurely. I know it's not the end of the world, it's just very sad. The staff tried so hard, but I figure if Cameron didn't leave we wouldn't be closing down. When things are left to our incompetent principal, Gillian, you can count nothing but shit shalt follow.

Either way, it's really made me think to myself, "Am I really going to be where I think I ought to be in a couple of years time? Are my plans I made throughout this year going to end up following through?" I'll try to make them happen as best I can, but at this moment in time I have my doubts.
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