Sand goes in, angry comes out!

**Just a warning, there's a lot of swearing in here, so if you're easily offended, get the hell out of my blog and stop being so easily offended, it's just words**

Hey guys, I hope all is going well, and Merry Monday.  Again, I can't say I have anything in particular to write about; this pattern has kind of been subsisting for awhile now, and it's really annoying me, as my improv skills regarding blogging seem to have died down a bit. Long term writer's block?

I can't say much interesting happened at school today, although my "friend" Ryan, who no-one can really stand at all, said some "interesting" things when he forgot to clean out the sand in his vagina. Oh, that's a big in-joke at school, because he takes anything directed at him seriously and tells everyone to "fuck awf and DIE omifockingawd (which is how he sounds, sadly)". We call him Sandy when he pisses us off, and Daniel and I just look at eachother and say, "Sand goes in, angry comes out!"

Anyway, he claims to have a lot of problems, when really he has a fairly priveliged life, we know this because of people who knew him very well, over a long length of time have told us themselves. Ryan acts constantly depressed, claims to be "goth" (which he probably would be if he was allowed to be) and constantly whinges and complains about how much of an arsehole his Dad is, even when his Dad spoils him rotten, but Ryan rebutts by saying in his incredibly lispy, whiny voice that sounds a little like Cartman from South Park: "He's tryna buy back my love!! He can't do that!! Fucking arsehole!!" And literally, WON'T. STOP. COMPLAINING!!

You may think I'm being a bitch about this, but really, I realise that he does have issues, but he takes them WAY out of hand. He's not being abused or anything, and I realise that he may just have trouble with his existing problems, but jeez... He won't shut up about them, and claims that we all "Don't know what pain is" and such, and lies just, way too much.

He claims he's done Karate for 4 years, however, at the school martial arts program, he was absolutely piss weak. His power is the equivalent to that of a plate of jelly. Although, he nearly beat Daniel at arm-wrestling, which is incredibly hard, that boy is very very strong. He just gave up. -.-

He also claims he rides 15 kms on his excersize bike when he gets home, but he's still very overweight, and still says all he does is sleep when he's home, or play videogames and listen to death metal.

Today, he got some sand in his vagina after Daniel spear-tackled him into the wall in play. I was a bit concerned, as he hangs around us, and even though I can't stand him, I still kind of care about the guy, so I walked out of the room, found him and asked, "Hey Ryan, are you ok?" He didn't respond. I asked him about 5 times, because he didn't even look at me or see me, before he just looked up and asked,
"Why the fuck would you care?" I just scrunched up my nose and said,
"You're always complaining about how no-one's there for you, and how lonely you are, that doesn't help that when whenever someone tries to help you just push them away." He just mumbled,
"Whatevs." God, I hate that word.. But yeah, and in class, he saw the roll of names and asked, "Hey, who's Felicity?" And I answered with,
"Oh, it's that blonde chick that heaps of people think is hot and stuff." I eventually pointed her out, and Ryan just explained,
"You see, they only like her because she's A BIMBO. Most blondes are..." In my mind, I just went '!!' and responded,
"Well, what am I, then?" Ryan paused and mumbled,
"Well, I'm not saying you are a bimbo, I'm not saying you aren't one, either.." Um, what the hell is that supposed to mean? I just joked about it, with a strong hint of seriousness, so I started doing a valleygirl voice, and the class jackass (coincidentally called Jac) just told me to shut up, of course I told him to stick it up his XXXXL arse.

When Daniel rocked up to class, I explained to him the bimbo shit and he just laughed in pity of our emo wannabee comrad. He gave him extensive shit that class, funnily enough... ^_^ I like Daniel, he's a really good friend to me, he sticks up for me a lot, even though he annoys me (which is apparently his job as a friend :P), he does care. 

 But yes, I guess the whole dumb blonde stereotype is still very prominent in our society, and for fuck's sake, it annoys me. I know I'm not a bimbo, if I'm such a bimbo, then why am I constantly mistaken for a woman in my late 20s on here? Why am I the only one that can do my work in class? Is it purely because I dyed my hair blonde? Because I joke around, and have lost my v-card? Fuck.. It also just further confirmed that Ryan really is a dickhead.

I'm sorry I'm complaining so much, he just really annoys me to be around constantly, for 6.5 hours 5 days a week. I sound just as bad as Sandy himself, LOL! XD

It really does make me sound like I care too much, aswell, but I can't exactly help being affected by the people around me, especially when negative things get thrown at me.

Scary thing is, Ryan used to "like" me at the beginning of the year.. I'm glad I didn't find out until a lot later, and I was just so nasty to him that after awhile he backed off. I seem mean about it, but if you guys had to put up with it... I doubt any of you would have lasted as long as I did, and he does a lot more annoying shit than I've mentioned here, I just don't want to bore all of you, is all! 

Peace xx
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  1. Mezlie

    Awww, hello there

    Yeeah, even from what you’ve heard of him you can’t stand him, either. But it’s funny being mean to him at times, especially when he goes along with it on his non-sandy days!

    I know I’m not a bimbo, really, I just don’t like it when I get called one. And you never fail to affirm it, in any case, anytime. I LOVE YOU, TOO!!!!!!!!

    July 21, 2008
  2. EasyToSay

    Hey Mez,
    That’s funny… we have two guys at work (in their 30s) who sit together, we often tag it the SAND PIT or SANDY CORNER, for the same thing … when they are grumpy – the joke is they have sand in their vagina’s.
    Of course it gets much ruder than that.

    I’d like to say something sensible here, but I don’t think would really want it… oh except to say you are not a bimbo, nobody is because of their hair color!

    Merry Monday, no Sand in this pit!

    July 21, 2008
  3. Mezlie

    Thanks E2S! That is hilarious that you have a couple of Sandies at work, maybe there’s some kind of secret Sandy society…

    And yes, ours gets much ruder too, but do you really think the rest of the public need know our silly, smutty teenage in-jokes? :P


    July 21, 2008
  4. EasyToSay

    LOL, I’m sure they are just as bad as non-teenagers, but you are right! You have more class than that

    July 21, 2008
  5. BootLady

    Hiya Mez! I’ve actually never heard of Sandies before – I’m howling!! I’m sure as hell gonna use that one! Hmmm….makes me wonder if that’s what SUV stands for….:P

    July 21, 2008
  6. Mezlie

    Well, now you’ve heard of ‘em – one of the world’s biggest drags, as far as peoples’ personalities go. :P

    SUV, aye.. Oh God.. XD

    Thanks, BootLady!

    July 21, 2008
  7. Mezlie

    Oh, and Fez – I didn’t put an apostrophe in “20s” because well… I’m not careless when it comes to apostrophes. Lol.

    It surprises me sometimes, I remember once Alex put an apostrophe in “loves”, when he wrote “SHERMAN LOVES DICK” on poster paper in Paul’s class.. Idiot… lol, but good times, I like it when he looks like an idiot _

    July 21, 2008
  8. anotherdaze

    I must say your title grabbed me.

    This post took me back to the school days. Damn I don’t miss that stuff!

    I kind of know what your saying about him having nothing real to complain about because my daughter thinks she has it really bad and she doesn’t. It’s hard to hear how much life sucks when someone is making it that way for themselves! Even though I must add having material things doesn’t make life grand.

    With the lies this person tells I kind of get the feeling he is trying to fit in or have someone else think he’s something to be impressed with. I find this the case with most people with bad habbits of telling lies. Also with the wanna be goth thing. It’s another way to fit into a following.

    It really sounds like he is immature and trying too hard to find a way to have people accept him. (Maybe cut him a little slack? I don’t know I don’t have to put up with him)

    Yes it’s rude for him to jump at you when you were trying to help him! I’m glad you brought it to his attention this could be a reason nobody does try.

    Anyway good rant and I can see being around someone that chooses to be so down can be draining. Rant away…

    I’m not blond but it is funny how blonds do tend to get the bimbo lable. I think bimbos come in every color. smile

    July 21, 2008
  9. meredith

    I agree with anotherdaze, bimbos come in every color.

    I can certainly see why Ryan would annoy you. Personally, I cannot stand constant negativity. We all have our bad days and there is nothing wrong with wallowing in self pity every so often, however, some people seemingly make a living out of it. I really can’t stand someone who complains and complains and complains yet doesn’t seem to do a damn thing about changing his situation. As for Ryan pushing you away when you were trying to be nice, he was probably just caught off guard and wasn’t expecting it – it was his defense mechanism.

    July 21, 2008
  10. prelude2it

    That kid sounds annoying. At least you have a place to come and rant to. Hope you had a good Monday.

    July 21, 2008
  11. princess__spot

    I love the “sandy” thing. Never heard it before either but I will definately be using it. Of course no one around here will understand what I mean and will think I’m incredibly odd but so be it.

    It’s the first post of yours I’ve read but I don’t think you’re a bimbo. =]

    July 22, 2008