Nice, infuriating Sunday at Kmart. :)

Hey guys! This be my third post... It's the 1st of June already, my oh my, the year has flown by. :)

I've really appreciated the lovely feedback I've been getting about my blogs so far, it's just so refreshing to know people like what I write. :D

Today was frustrating in a few ways, but it turned out very well in the end. :) I didn't get up until 1:00pm; I was really sleepy last night because I was on the phone to Ezra until 2:00am and I need alot of sleep, being a teenager and all. :P

I decided to go to the local Kmart today (just a short tram trip away, so why not?) to go get some clothes, and hopefully find some nice new shoes... I've been living in my worn out, shredded runners for 3 years now! Either that or sandals, 4-inch heels (I'm 5"11, I don't need those!!) or my Converse All-Stars, which give me terrible blisters.

I took the tram there, and lo and behold, saw that girl Kayla from school, mentioned in a previous blog, who works at this Kmart. I pretended not to see her and kept going... I spent about an hour looking for shoes alone, NONE could fit me properly, which was very dissapointing.. AND infuriating... You see, I don't find shoe shopping therapeutic, like alot of girls do, I just find it annoying as hell. I just end up running back and forth, trying on pair after pair that doesn't fit me, mumbling to myself, "Kmart, you have robbed me of my dignity." I think I'm better off going to a proper shoe store for that anyway... So I just bought a nice top and two sets of cool pants: some black bootcut jeans and some trackies, I need comfy things...

After that, I bought myself a big ol' cookie as a reward for my "hard work", and still managing to walk out of that dratted shop with 3 lovely buys, including the most flattering top I own. By the time I got out it was about 4:50, and getting dark (damn the lack of daylight savings).. My Dad was a little worried about me when I got back at about 5:15, it was dark by then, and very cold. Well, cold by my definition, at about 12 degrees celsius - ish.

After about an hour of preening myself (I've kinda dubbed Sunday as my day of preening), I realised an excellent thing: I don't have school tomorrow!! :D It's report writing day. I'm not scared, luckily, as the work at my school is THAT easy, and we have NO homework whatsoever (my school rocks in a few ways, somewhat of a pity I'm only there for a year), so I'm very confident I'll get a nice report, except maybe for numeracy - maths was never my thing. :/ I'm not scared of the parent-teacher interviews either, my teachers like me and my mother wouldn't hide anything from me - I'll be fine. (Oh, the infinite advantages of being a relatively confident, but still realistic, individual!)

Now I'm just in a very good mood, unlike last night, where I was very tired, bored and drained... McDonalds makes me feel very sluggish, I find. I'm listening to White Summer by the Yardbirds now, it's a beautiful little piece of music. Simple, yet pretty. ^_^

I looked down at my right-ring finger and noticed I'm wearing the ring my ex boyfriend Rob gave to me at around this time last year... It was really sweet, we were in a long distance relationship and he bought me a gold ring with a little ruby stone with his first paycheck from work, which he just started. Now, I'm not wearing this because I'm not over him, it's because it is a lovely ring. :) Besides, commitment rings go on my left hand anyway! :P

I've noticed I haven't been writing about a specific topic in this blog tonight, which is kind of unusual for me - I guess I just want to vent... A happy kind of venting, anyway! :P Nah I just felt like blogging tonight. I promise I'll get my structure back soon. XD

Take care, you guys.
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  1. meredith

    hmmm, I have to disagree – I love shoe shopping. Bought myself a pair of sandals today. Wow, you are one tall girl!

    June 01, 2008
  2. Mezlie

    Thanks for the comments, guys _
    Yeeah I guess most girls out there do like shoe shopping, I just… Don’t. :P

    And Lol, you ARE a stalker!! haha, nah, you’re cool as. :P

    June 02, 2008