Meet my best friends!

Hello one and all, hope you all fare well; I know I certainly do.

I had a lovely day today, I had my best friend (whom I haven't seen in awhile - the downside of leaving my old school) Jenny around, aswell as Ezra. I said to both of them to turn up at 11-ish, Ezra arrived at 11:40 and jenny at about 12. This didn't bother me at all, Ezra WALKED to my place again, approximately 10kms, which is about 8 or so miles, and Jenny relies in public transport, which is pretty poor around my area. 

Ezra was pretty buggered by the time he got here, so I had to play Mummy and look after him, which he always appreciates and even my Mum and Dad manage to "awwww" at.

I was very happy when Jenny showed up, both of us squealing and hugging. I kind of felt sorry for Ezra, being chucked into two squealing, gossiping 15 year olds, but then I remembered how he chucked me into three of his mates.. I swear, it was the first time I was in a small crowd of boys and didn't manage to say much! It didn't phase me, though. After I left that night, Ezra was apparently subject to a lot of approving high-fives regarding me. *instant self esteem boost*

He wasn't entirely silent, though, he still had his share in conversation. He doesn't particuarly like or dislike my friends, he has no real opinion of them. We both have 3 of our closest friends, we've both met our partner's counterparts. Mine are Jenny, Tegan and Laura, as Ezra's are Damon, Josh and Harley. Funnily enough, we have the same stance on eachother's set of friends. He reckons my friends are dogs but have good hearts and are very pleasant, I reckon his friends are utterly repulsive but with interesting points of view and good humour.

I must say, he's a lot closer to his friends than I am to mine. I talk to Jenny very reguarly, but I don't talk to Tegan or Laura half as much, nor do I see any of them reguarly, even though Tegan lives in the street parrallel to mine, her Mum has a serious grudge against me (I got the "bad influence" label), so I don't see her very often at all, and Laura is a 5 minute walk from me, but it is just far too awkward because of the whole Ezra thing, so we mainly talk online or through text messaging. She's away in Queensland anyway.

Whereas Ezra sees his friends extremely reguarly, and they're all very close. They mostly go to the same school, and one's even said to Ezra he's beginning to feel left out because he spends so much time with me as opposed to him, which made me feel a bit guilty. This boy, Josh, apparently said to Ezra's Mum, who teaches at the school, that, "I don't have anything against Mollie at all, I like Mollie! It's just that I'm beginning to feel a little.. left out, is all." So now I'm making sure Ezra sees his friends, especially Josh now, more often. I can't stand the whole "left behind" feeling, I can't let that go on, even in an acquaintance.

It's not really an issue for me, I've never really had many close friends that seem to require a lot of attention, anyway.

So this all kind of brings up the question: Have you guys ever had problems with your significant other's friends at any point in time? Or have they had a problem with yours? I just thought it would be a very interesting topic to pose to you all.
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  1. meredith

    I’ve never had a problem with a significant other’s friends – I’ve always got along well with them. I have, however, had problems with a friend’s significant other; on more than one occassion. Some of my friends have dated guys who were very possessive and some of my friends were too excited about being in a relationship to bother to find the balance between friends and boyfriend. That always bothers me because I have never been one to drop friends just because I am in a relationship.

    July 02, 2008