The unpopular quiet girl.

Leading over half the school.

Giving their curriculum a makeover.

Being their "mentor".

This offer came about to me on Wednesday morning. It was electives day and hardly anyone was there. I wandered over to the business centre and saw the newest full time trainer, Andy, talking with another student. He's a nice old man with a British accent and a degree in counselling (WANTWANTWANT). I sat down next to him as he finished his conversation with the other student, the very irritating William. He turned to me and said,
"Oh, hello, good one." Me, in my slight confusion of him calling me "good one", replied with,
"Morning, Andy."
"Something came to mind after work last night regarding you." A look of inquisitivity was lit upon my face.
"Oh, really? What was that?" Andy paused for a couple of seconds, and then quietly said,
"Leadership." As soon as I heard that word, my mind went "!" and started wondering what these possible roles could infer.
"W-what kind of leadership are we talking, here?"
"Well, I want you to transfer to VCAL, help me re-design the curriculum and be a kind of mentor. You know what a mentor is, right?" Andy inquired.
"Of course."
"Yes, well I was thinking, you have exactly what it takes to be a leadership figure in a workplace, and I thought it may pay to give you a head start." Rather shocked, I explained,
"Well, do you really think I'd get through to most of those idiots anyway? They wouldn't listen to me."
"Why not?" I paused for a few seconds, looked squarely at Andy and further explained,
"Most of these people do not like me. They'd see me as an inferior, younger, CGEA student that they didn't like anyway and just go 'pffft.', like they do to other trainers, anyway. I'd be no better."
"That's not the idea, the idea is to give you some grounding in how to take on a leadership role."
"And I'd fail!" I exclaimed. I had immediate pessimism on the subject because alot of these people are reluctant to even talk to me, let alone listen to what I have to say. "But why do you think I'd be a good leader, anyway?" Andy inhaled, and explained,
"Well... Just from having your class yesterday, I just noticed how driven you were to help your friends and take part in conversations. You just have that spark. That, and I've never come across anyone who knows what Myers-Briggs is! Not even adults!"
"INFPs!" I squeaked (INFP is both of our Myers-Briggs personality type).
"So let me guess, you'll need to think about the role more and know more about it to take it up?" Andy asked me.
"Definitely." I responded.

I understood Andy's intention in giving me this role, and it was all well and good, I'm just worried aobut pulling it off. Of course, there's the whole "you're always gonna deal with arseholes in your life" thing, but why should I dive head first into something I know there'd be no point in anyway? These guys don't listen to their own trainers, let alone a student they don't like for no good reason.

I was also flattered by the offer, that Monday was Andy's first day at my school and he already picked up something. I agree, I do make a good leader... Usually only when I'm determined to be, and it reeally helps if I work well with my partners.

Andy also mentioned that he thought Alex had that spark, too, just in a less disciplined manner as opposed to me. Lucky Alex is leaving at the end of term, I don't think I need to deal with him any more.. Of course, Fez was more overjoyed to hear it than I was, haha!

The other problem I have with this concept is the fact I'd be transferring to VCAL, which is basically a VCE (year 11 and 12) equivalent which won't get me into the courses I'd want. There'd also be a fair bit of outcry from the more outspoken VCAL students. One girl in particular. They would go, "WHAT?! She doesn't even DO VCAL!!" and "Ohhh my goood, she's so GAY! Why'd you pick HER?!" I guess I'd have to live with that, aswell. I realize that's a bit of an assumption, but it's definitely a reasonable one. They're a bunch of surly, rebellious _insert c word here_s, 2 out of 3, anyway. There's only 50 or so students there and I know all of them, so it's not an unfair generalization.  

I still may take up the role, depends what else it entails. I just thought I'd type it all up. :)

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  1. meredith

    I think you should go for it! Nothing ventured nothing gained. And by the way, any “outcry” from other students won’t mean anything in a few years when you have all of this experience under your belt and can write your own ticket. You go girl!!

    June 19, 2008