It'll be gone by next year, we know it

I must say, I worry about the future of my school. Especially now. You see, my school's a teeny tiny little government funded organisation, we hardly have any money to spend, we occupy a single floor of a 5 floor office building, and the landlord absolutely can't stand us. Why? Because a lot of our sutdents smoke out the front of the building, AND spit infront of it, too, and we get the blame, which is fair enough, even though the occupants of the other floors are just as bad. We've been getting threats to be evicted snce the beginning of the year, we've recieved a final warning a few weeks back, but funnily enough, that's not what I'm most worried about.

On top of all this tripe, my school is pretty understaffed. We don't need all that many, the place only has 50 or so kids attending, yet we only have a handful of staff to accommodate us. Our classes are in groups of 6 - 10 usually, so we have about 5 trainers, that was a dillemma last semester as we constantly had staff come and go, because teaching at my school is a really tough gig: the boss is a right bitch (even the trainers have admitted that), the pay sucks, the overall management is shit, and it's a really hard challenge. Most of the kids who go to my school have behavioural or learning difficulties, and the majority of them are disobedient and unruly - most "teachers" can't handle them. Yes, I'm one of the "good ones", I've been told this several times. But that's beside the point.

Carrying the entire facility on his shoulders, not the principal, but our co-ordinator, Cameron. He literally does the jobs of 10 staff that we can't seem to scrape together, and throughout the 7 or so months I've been attending my school, my friends and I have always said that if Cam were to leave ie (yeah, the place is called ie, ie Directions to be precise), we'd all be stuffed. Seriously, stuffed. Guess what?

He's moving on to greener pastures. We found this out today, when Cam and Gillian, our resident principal (of whom is EXTREMELY neurotic and treats her staff like crap), came into my numeracy class and both of them sat down. Gill just looked at the ground and twitched violently (gawd, she reminds me of Tweek from South Park, no joke), and Cam calmly explained in his heavy Aussie accent: "Ok, there have been some rumours floating around, and I just want to say that these rumours are, well, accurate. The news is that.... I am resigning. My last day will be on Wednesday."

At this point, Daniel and I just looked at eachother, and Daniel whispered "I give ie about a week.", to which I nod in agreement. We couldn't believe what we were hearing. Apparently Cam feels like he has conquered every challenge he can at ie, and he just needs to find a new challenge to take on. Bit of an odd reason to leave, but if it meant that much to him, good luck to him.

It certainly is a big blow to my school's community, ie has only been around since the beginning of 2006, only 2 of the original staff remain. Everyone just comes and goes, we're used to it, and we just had a feeling it was Cam's time to go, too. We won't only miss him and lament his leaving because of how much work he puts into the place, it's because he knew what was best for every single student at the place, and he genuinely cared. At times he was the evil, cold hearted trainer who'd tell us off and order us around, but on the whole he was a reliable, caring authority figure to turn to. He may have been frank and a bit icy in his manner, but it was always very obvious he cared. He stuck through with his job through good and bad, and was even willing to stand up to his boss, Gill, in order to stand up for the students.

We'll all miss him, and I think I have to rally everyone at ie up (well, the people I think will care anyway) to make one of those massive farewell cards for him.

Ie Directions won't be the same without him, and honestly, I doubt we'll find an adequate replacement. They took 6 months simply to find 2 new trainers and a counsellor, it'll be mighty hard to replace Cam. I think we'll be evicted before that happens, anyway. Sounds pessimistic, I know, but maybe we will pull through, but the way everything looks now, I doubt it. Everyone at ie is like extended family to me, I don't know what I'd do if I lost it. Even though it bores me a lot, and some of the people annoy me, I'll still be ie-sick.

Yours truly, losing hope, Mez.

Oh wait, some good has come ot of this...

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  1. prelude2it

    Your school sounds interesting. I hope it works out. Would you go to a different school if things did not work out?

    August 04, 2008
  2. meredith

    That sucks that the one staff member you truly respect is leaving. Oh, well! Hopefully someone even better (or at least adequate..) will take his place.

    August 04, 2008
  3. Mezlie

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments..

    Prelude – Well yeah, I’d definitely continue my education. I’m not letting anything, or anyone, get in my way!

    TAJ – Amen to that.

    Meri – Yeeah, they’ll replace him, but it’s a bummer that he’s leaving now. All I can say is that I hope they don’t take their time replacing him, we desperately need as many staff as we can grab!

    August 05, 2008