Hold it.. Now, exhale..

Whoaaaa thank God, if there is a God! For those of you who have read either Ezra's first (and only, grr) blog or my blog titled "This is dedicated to the one I love :D" from May, you would have recalled that Alex and I were trying to set Ezra up with one of my friends, Laura, at the time but Fez ended up with me instead. From then on I have never talked to Laura about it, and I haven't seen her since Feb 16th, and we exchanged a few E-mails and MSN conversations from there, she mentioned Ezra's name once, asking me how he was but I tip-toed around the subject.

But tonight, however, we talked on MSN tonight, and I suggested we hang out sometime, to which she complied, and I mentioned the last time we saw eachother was the double date. She then asked me, "You ended up going out with Ezra, didn't you?" I asked her who told her, and if she exploded when she heard (one of my other friends mentioned it in passing). She was FINE about it!! She didn't want to talk about it for very long, but I did apologise and say how I did the wrong thing, but she was fine about it, and hopefully we're hanging out next weekend. Thank CHRIST. x_x

It just feels like such a massive relief to finally have that burden off my chest. Ezra has had Laura blocked ever since him and I fell in love, because he was more frightened than I was, and we both figured I'd tell her once she brings it up, as that would imply she was ready to hear it, as I did not want to give her a rude shock. God, it's good to have my oldest friend back. That will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!
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  1. meredith

    Happy for you!! Seriously though, it’s not as if Ezra and Laura were already dating and you met him and “stole” him from Laura – it was an attempt at a set-up gone bad (or gone good if you want to look at it from the perspective that the set up resulted in you and Ezra getting together.) I hope you didn’t feel guilty about it because truly you did nothing wrong.

    August 16, 2008
  2. prelude2it

    I’m so glad things worked out! Congrats.

    August 21, 2008
  3. alexbarrett

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    March 27, 2017