First day back, and onwards

Well, it was my first day back yesterday! I would have blogged about it then but I was very sick from that evening onwards, and that morning, too.

I woke up to the sound of my badly tuned alarm radio at 7:00AM, I turned it off and waited 5 minutes before I decided I could be bothered hauling my arse out of bed. As I trudged out to the bathroom, I felt incredibly dizzy and nauseous, which only got 10 times worse once I got into the shower. The sudden change in temperature from freezing cold to hot and humid didn't help at all, soo I had to get out of the shower twice to throw up, which I couldn't because my stomach was empty. I was feeling downright crappy but refused to crawl back in bed: I had school to get ready for, and no bloody way was I going to miss my first day back!!

So I dried my hair, did my make-up (only a little bit.. I'm not a "cake-up" girl) and added the finishing touch.. My headband. I looked so sixties and cute, I thought. As my Dad drove me down to the centre of Box Hill, I saw three "trendily" dressed teenage boys I didn't recognise walk towards the school building. I thought, "Ohhh God. I won't get along with them." My Dad pulled over, I got out the car and walked the 10 metres or so towards the building, looking to my right at the park/walkway area in the middle of the road, seeing only two students I did recognise having a ciggie and a chat, as opposed to the normal half dozen or so. I walked through the automatic doors and pressed the lift button. I got in the lift and pressed the "3" button, taking comfort in the familiarity of the routine. Then, I saw the three guys from before, all blonde (not naturally) with stupid spiked up, half dreadlocked hair, two of them wearing the same bloody jacket, swagger up towards the lift. Me, being polite, kept the lift open for them, getting zero thanks in return, not even a polite nod. 

The lift crawled upwards, it came to our floor, went DING and opened. Upon walking out of the lift, in direct view of the two lovely receptionists, Jan and Michelle, I got a big smile and a cheery "Hellooo, Molliiee!" which is nice. I signed my name in and looked over to my left, smiling at the sight of all my friends. I stayed at reception for 30 more seconds, talking about my holidays and getting compliments regarding my new fringe, then I walked over to my friends sitting around that good ol' round table, got numerous friendly greetings and felt at home again, chatting happily with them, and running to my friends and hugging them as they got out the lift. 

Come 9:00, we were all called into the "big room", which isn't really big, it's more of a moderately sized room, really. It's "normal classroom size", I reckon. But in comparison to the other rooms there, it's big. But back to the story - we had an assembly, new staff, new students, t'was all good!! I don't know if you guys recall that blonde girl that came to the school for an interview last term, the one all the boys hooted at (in my "Odd, surprising feeling of insecurity" blog)? She was there, too. Her name's Felicity, she hangs around with the popular crowd, I've overheard her talking, she seems bitchy. Especially when she saw her friend Nick F talking to my class, then Felicity looked in the class, screwed up her face and said: "Nick, what the fuck are you doing?" To which Nick replied, "Just being a dick..." mumbling. Felicity then demanded him to "Get out here!", to which he scurried off. Bitch.

The girl that I mentioned in my second blog (Judgmental?), Minky, yeah, she was there too, and glued to Kayla. When Kayla came out of the lift that day, she ran right over to my friend Delia (who can't stand her, and was hiding behind me upon seeing her going "She's gonna run up to me, I know she is, hide meee!!") and introduced Minky to her, but not to me, being RIGHT THERE. Bitch.

But yeah, in the assembly, Cameron, our co-ordinator (one of the two) told us that a few changes had been made to classes and such, and read out our class lists. I heard his deep, heavily aussie, frank voice read out my class list: "Daniel, Ryan, William, Jonno Stone, Mollie," and then came a bunch of unfamiliar names, "Lachie, Tyson, Shaun and Tiffany".. I actually jumped at Tyson, as there is another Tyson at the school I am friends with, so naturally I assumed it was him. It wasn't. All three of the guys from the lift were in my class! But when we actually got to class, and settled down and got introduced...

They were civil, and friendly. I could nae believe it! They did act and talk like dickheads, but they were nice dickheads. Especially Shaun, I thought. Tyson was the stand-out dickhead, thinking he was top shit and "Ran" his old school. Our new trainer was an old crank, though, didn't like her much. She just didn't understand us and didn't treat us with much respect. I could see it from both points of view, though. She wanted us to be disciplined and whatnot, which my friends and I are, but the new boys weren't (I'll call them the Chequers, as two of them had the same chequered grey jackets, and the other one wanted one like it). At my school, you can't get by with a disciplined approach, you HAVE to be laid back, as most the students there have behaviour issues. I'm fairly disciplined myself, but it's too irritating when I'm doing the right thing and no-one else is, except maybe my friends. 

After awhile, Jan, the crank trainer, asked who was missing, I immediately told her that Daniel was missing, and she asked after Tiffany, a new girl that obviously hadn't showed up. At her mention, the Chequers groaned and said they hoped it wasn't the Tiffany from their old school. They described her as "dirty", which to them doesn't mean in the sexual way, and said how "weird" she was because she "never said shit". To that, Jonno and I said at the exact same time, "Maybe she's just shy." and vowed to get her to talk. It was her. She was lovely: very polite and kind natured, but, very very quiet. I don't have a problem with that, I reckon she'll warm up more with time, although I can tell she's naturally quiet. I chatted to her about school, what it's like at this school, just.. Stuff. I liked her. She pretty much followed me that whole day, except for lunch when she was going to meet up with a friend at Box Hill Centro. I heard from Daniel tonight on MSN that she followed Ryan a little, and she made a few "funnies". Apparently she's staying with our group, and she likes it at our school! I'm really glad I got another potential girl friend, after having my previous "collection" mostly diminish. 

After that awfully entertaining day of school ended, I strode to the bus depo and found Jonno, who takes the same bus as me. We had a chat, and when the bus pulled up, I turned around and saw an old acquaintance from my old school, a boy called Brad. I squinted at him and studied him carefully, he noticed and waved in reply. I stepped forward and gasped, "Brad! Oh my God, long time, no see! Haha, my old paperboy!" He was slightly shy, but was nice. He went out with my former best friend, Bronwyn, and quite a few people suspected he had a crush on me in the first half of year 9, after seeing him sprint about 200 metres to catch up with me on the walk home, and when asked we, he puffed "'Cause I *puff* I.. *puff* Wanted to *puff puff* walk with you..." I always got a few vibes from him, I never knew him well but he always seemed "keen", which I wasn't very much so in him, at all.

We got on the bus and had a good chat, turns out we get off at the same stop, too. About halfway into the conversation, he asked me, "Hey.. Would you, uhh, like to join me for lunch some time? Like, during your break?" I pondered for a second and replied, cautiously: "Hmmm, maybe. I mean, I do tire of my mates at school occaisionally.. Yeah, probably." One name was going through my mind at the time: Ezra. How would I feel if he said yes to a girl asking him out to lunch? Pretty uneasy. The thing that made me give a more encouraging response was the fact that it could well have been with innocent intentions, but when I got home and told my Mum about it, she gave me her opinion: "No, he's gotta be keen - you're not old chums or anything, he chats to you one time and pretty much asks you out? No, don't do it." so I decided against it. Just in case. He gave me his number too, which I can safely say I will never use. I don't want to call him up, organise a place to meet up only to reject him during a lunch break, then just walk off. I'd feel like an idiot for doing it in the first place, and slightly bad for leading him on, so yeah, no lunch with Brad. I told Ezra about this during a three and a half hour long conversation we had from 10:45pm to 2:10am, he was fine with it, he even said he liked that it happened because he thought it would have been a bit of a self esteem boost for me, being "asked out" by some guy. He really looks out for me, bless his heart. He did agree I shouldn't have gone on it, though, which was good in my opinion. Would you have done it?

After I got home, I felt incredibly sick and nauseous, and slept from 5:30 till 8:30, and my parents decided I had to stay home today. I think I was so sick because I took these strong antibiotics immediately before bed, and Mum and I thought that provoked a bad reaction. But it was ok, that day I talked to Ezra for a total of 6 or so hours! Made me very happy, even though I was dissapointed to miss out on dinner. I feel better now and I can't wait to get back to school, and again, I've never been, at any point in my life, so inclined to say that. I guess I just like school, for the first time in my life, and I couldn't be much happier.

Peace xx

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  1. meredith

    Hope you feel better Mollie.

    And, by the way, karma is a bitch – Miss Felicity won’t always be smiling and sitting pretty, I promise you that.

    July 16, 2008
  2. EasyToSay

    Mez, sorry to hear you went back unwell. Are you better this week?
    There’s a lot of bugs going around here in Melbourne huh!

    July 18, 2008
  3. Mezlie

    Hmmm, I don’t think it’s a bug, Easy.. :P

    Oh, Meri, Miss Felicity isn’t even that pretty up close. She’s got extremely bucky, crooked teeth, cakes on her make-up and dresses like a bogan. Even some of the guys that hooted at her before now reckon she’s a dog, and her horrible attitude doesn’t help, either.

    July 19, 2008