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Hey guys. I know this blog has been a long time coming, but honestly I just could not be arsed writing. I didn't have the motivation. Nevertheless, I'm sorry. Just, things have been so difficult lately, school's been a drag, since the news came along that school was closing down no-one's been showing up, and the few people that show up don't seem to want anything to do with me, so I've just taken up the role of recluse, and currently I'm writing this at school, in the business centre, with the room all to myself! I'm not allowed to let anyone in, either, not that I want to anyway. ^_^

But really if my Dad wasn't so tight arsed about my attendance, I would just go home, there's no point in being here at the moment, the only "work" we're doing is planning a damn excursion to the Royal Melbourne Show, but I'm being left out of that, not that I really care anyway. Then again, I'm not really sure if I want to just quit it, I mean, there's always going to be obstacles in life and you can't just run away from all of them!

I've been busy reading this book, called Breaking the Patterns of Depression by some guy who's name I forgot.. I could just get the book out my bag and look, but, eh! :) But yes I've been reading it at school a lot and it's quite good, however I don't find it that much help at this present second, I'd benefit more from one-on-one help. Yes, I supposedly have depression. Hasn't been diagnosed but my entire family's picked it (even Dad!), as has Ezra, his parents and trainers at school. I wouldn't be surprised but there's people worse off than me, it'll be ok in the end and I don't really think it's worth making a fuss over. Ok, maybe it is. I just don't want to jump the gun on this one.

Oh, on an off-topic note, ALEX GOT EXPELLED!! But the reason is quite sickening. You see, on Monday he came into school late, and everywhere he went, everyone just yelled at him to get out, because well, no-one likes him. So he went into a room occupied by me, my friend Jonno and trainer Cara. Even though I hate Alex just as much, well, MORE than anyone else at ie, I just didn't want to make the guy's life any more difficult so we just talked for awhile, and then another trainer, Bek, called me in because she found some work for me to do. About 5 minutes later I heard yelling and screaming, so I asked my friend, Zac, who it was, he paused for a moment and said "Alex". I wasn't surprised. He was full on verbally abusing Steve, another trainer there AND the principal's husband. After awhile of that, one boy told him to shut up and it turned into a punch-on, then Alex had a crying fit, kicked open the locked computer room and as he was about to storm in there, Bek stood in his way and Alex hit and kicked her! At that point my jaw dropped to the floor, I heard Steven yelling to call the cops and Bek screaming "OH MY GOD, ALEX, STOP HITTING ME!!" at which point Alex stormed off, and Bek yelled after him, "AFTER ALL I'VE DONE FOR YOU, YOU FUCKING HIT ME!!" and backed into the nearest, empty classroom, clutching her arm. I immediately rushed over to Bek and made sure she was ok, and another student did, too.

It was all very distressing, Bek had to go to the Doctor and one student had to go home as she was so distressed. Everyone was shaken up for the rest of the day. Our principal called us all into the PC room for a meeting, but the other arseholes at my school didn't even have the common decency to turn around from the computer to pay atttention! Take it from me, 85% of my school's population are dickheads and retards (literally, in many cases).
So yeah, point is, I'm jack of school, and I'm surprised none of the dickheads have knocked on the door, insisting I let them in. Thank God.

Anyway, on a lighter note, two days from now (Friday) is me and Ezra's 6 month anniversary!! I'm going straight to his place after school on Friday and I'm bringing along some champagne, four 250mL bottles to be precise. ;) And his parents are going out to dinner, so YAY we'll be alooooone for awhile! WOOT CAN'T WAIT!

Also, apparently Ezra's been planning a surprise for me for a month... He asked me when I was rocking up on the day, the other day, and I said I was turning up after school, and he replied with, "Good, I have some errands to run". I asked what that might infer, and he refused to tell me. I has a surprise waiting for me! :D I suspect it's flowers. Just my suspicion. Hey, even if it's a stick of gum it'll be the best gift ever, because him and I are both sentimental fools. ^_^

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say, so enough of my innane ranting. Bye, all! xx
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  1. Mezlie

    Thanks, mate.

    August 26, 2008
  2. meredith

    I missed you girl! Lots of updates from you so I will comment in order 1) I hope you get your depression under control. I hate to think about you clinically depressed. You have too much to be happy about including very advanced intellect and a great boyfriend. 2) I must say, you are SO much better off without Alex – he’s not exactly a winner. 3) Finally, Happy Anniversary to you and Ezra!!

    August 26, 2008
  3. Mezlie

    MERIIIII!!!!!!!!! Thankyouuuu I missed you so much! I’m just realising the lovely people I’m missing, I’ll definitely make the effort to write more, because it does help, doing nothing won’t make me any happier, right??

    August 26, 2008
  4. prelude2it

    It’s been too long. I missed you! I hope you can work out the depression too. I have struggled with it at times and I know what that can feel like. Alex sounds like a jerk, better gone and hope you have fun with Ezra. Take Care.

    August 27, 2008
  5. Mezlie

    Aww, thankyou so much Prelude! You’re a darl! xx

    August 27, 2008
  6. LuckyJulia

    Happy anniversary!!!!
    Really, it will be easily without Alex!
    Good luck!

    August 31, 2008