Cabin Fever

Greetings people, hope you fare well. This is another day where I can't say I have anything specific to write about, let's see where my improvisation takes me today.

This feels so weird to say but I can't wait to go back to school: It's a new semester, a lot of students will be gone and I'll see my friends (and non-friends) again! That and I'll probably have more to write about, because during school I actually GET OUT of my house and things ACTUALLY HAPPEN!

I can't say this holidays has been particuarly eventful, then again they never really are. But this holidays I've been having an unusually bad bout of Cabin Fever, I just want to get out and go shopping and go places and buy things, but unfortunately I can't; the weather's craptacular and I have no money whatsoever, I spent the last of it on my haircut. *blows my fringe out of my eye* But yes, it's been making me pretty miserable. There's another reason why Ezra's awesome, he gives me something to do! :P That sounds pretty mean but it's true, if it weren't for him I'd be stuck at home all the time. Seeing as I only have 3 real friends, possibly reduced to two now (the one possibly being deducted is Laura, I don't really know), and I can hardly see them, Fez is good because I don't really have anyone else. Sad, aye? But honestly I'd rather have him with no friends and no money as opposed to no Ezra but with friends and money. I guess every situation has it's downfall, there's mine for you.

I had a good time yesterday, though, I went to Ezra's place and had dinner at his Grandparents' place on his Mum's side, they were a lovely bunch. Definitely a common family resemblance, too. They all have "Larmour Eyes", big, wide, light coloured eyes, mostly blue, which is very pretty. Ezra's Grampa is a lovely, lovely man, I talked to him a lot, I can see where the gentle manner of that side of the family, including Ezra, comes from. The food was lovely too, I saw they had carbonara and went straight for it, only to discover it was cold. Bugger it, I hate cold food. I also got introduced to the little 'uns of the family, a very cute nearly two year old boy named Billy, and 9 week old Ruby, who was aaabsolutely gorgeous. I love babies and toddlers. When I had a hold of Ruby, I just turned to Ezra and said, "Ezra, I want one." I was joking, of course. Let me stress that point to all of you, I WAS JOKING!!!! Thankyou. But Ezra thought it was positively adorable and had to quote it to Lisa (his Mum) on the way home. After dinner the bunch insisted on singing an early Happy Birthday to Ezra, who was reluctant at first but I dragged him into the dining room and sang loudest of all, and called the hip hip hooray, which I had never done previously. They made me give him 17 kisses aswell, which was cute. There was widespread "awwww"ing. :P 

Although after dinner and the latter bit of the night wasn't as well, I was cramping like the dickens and I was horrifically anxious about my Dad's reaction when I got home. You see, on my extremely hurried way out of my house (Lisa and Ezra rocked up earlier than expected, so I wasn't ready, damnit!), Dad grumpily asked me when I'd be back, to which I hurriedly replied "I dunno, 7ish, 8ish?" by the time we left it was nearly 10:30. I was nervous because the last time I stayed at Ezra's even relatively late Dad went off on an angry tangent and hurt me pretty badly, as he does, so I assumed it would be the same that night, because he was extremely grumpy in the morning. I asked Lisa and Ezra to walk me to the door, just so I don't have to approach the possible explosion alone (not that he'd do it around people other than Mum and I - he is what we call: a coward!), which they did. I was so scared I even cried a teeny bit on the way home, and spent most of the journey home and latter part of the evening huddled in Ezra's arms whimpering, with Ezra comforting me extremely well, he's very very nurturing. 

Of course how was Dad when I got home? Fine. Affable. Absolutely peachy. Why? He got more dope. Mum said that if he didn't get that dope it would end up very very nasty, so thank christ for cannabis? In this case, yes. I know I shouldn't endorse his habit, but if he doesn't have it he's violent, nasty and abusive, I'd rather have him spend money on an illegal habit than cop more domestic violence than I already do, thanks. 

But needless to say I was thanking my lucky stars, so was Ezra. It's his Birthday tomorrow, he'll be having a poker night with the boys, then on Friday him and I are going on a date. We haven't actually been on a date in AGES, so this'll be a break. Our relationship is more centered around bonding, and that feeling of regularity, but I've been hankering to go out for ages! More variety, that's what we need, not that we're unhappy. ;) Even if there's a minor disagreement or obstacle we have to jump over, we work together to overcome it. We're a good team, and he's excellent for my personal development. I'm happy. Funnily enough, it's the only area of my life I am happy in, the rest is absolutely shithouse. Ah well, I've got one major good thing, I'll live. :P  
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Comments (1)

  1. meredith

    Happy Birthday Fez! Have fun on your date

    July 09, 2008
  2. Mezlie

    I passed the happy birthday onto Fez, he appreciated that! I should really get him to join thoughts, he’s an extreeeeeeeemely good writer.

    And I will! Now that Mum gave me some money I may buy something for Fez and myself, and Fez even offered to help me browse for some clothes for myself. I’m feeling very good right now.

    July 10, 2008
  3. meredith

    I hope you buy some great new clothes – shopping can be fun, especially, when someone else is paying!!

    July 10, 2008
  4. pribits66

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    March 09, 2017