and another catch up.........

Hello one and all. I'm so sorry I dissapeared for over a month. Things were a little tough for me for awhile there and yeah... I never really could be bothered blogging for awhile. No offence to any of you or anything, just I had no real energy.

So now to fill you all in on what's been happening with the Mezinator.

Well, my school closed down at the end of term which was sad, and now I'm finishing year 10 at home, online, which i'm not exactly tooooo happy about because of the isolation factor but luckily I don't have much left to do anyway, and I'll still have MSN and whatnot, and I can make my own damn hours. And no having to deal with people I don't like. But I would never do this for the long term - it's just too lazy and isolated.

I'm still with the lovely Fez, we're still just as happy as always and I'm growing ever-closer to his lovely family, who I had a dinner with tonight.

Also, after about seven months of having no income at all, my Dad may be getting a job!! After he forks out 20 grand for a truck. It's all in his head at the moment and I fear that if he buys the truck before finding a job he'll lose interest, not find work, or just hate it. But you know, I live in hope.

I'm a brunette now, too!! I feel so much more natural and... "me".... as a brunette, the blonde just felt too fake after awhile. I still have some blonde through it but for the most part... Y'know :)

I'm also growing closer to Ezra's friends, I like them a lot, they're real characters. I used to dread hanging out with them because I felt they excluded me or were too shy or hesitant to talk to me but I got pushed into starting up a myspace again, and thorugh that I've talked to them a lot more and I was surprised how interested they were in having a chat with me :) It means a lot. Fez and his band of mates call themselves the "Figters" after someone typoed "Fighters" on MSN when referring to them all, and apparently i'm a Figter now. Yippeee, I feel so included. ^_^

It's been holidays in Melbourne for the past two weeks, it's technically the last day today, and for most of them i can't deny, they weren't too good, because Ezra was away for most of them, and because I have almost no friends and no money and nothing to do and nowhere to go, I was very very very bored and lonely. But y'know, he came back and everything, it's not like he left me or anything. I can hack anything. :)

Although I should be starting work tomorrow I've had no word from the company so I guess I get some time off... But I'm not looking too forward to it as I'll be pretty bored with Fez back at school and whatnot. 

Speaking of Fez's school, he did a media project with a few friends and made an awesome video. It's called Decadence of the Soul and here's the link - it's on youtube!

My boyfriend is the handsome one with the long, dark hair and the white shirt, who plays the main part. ;D He's in all the scenes, hehehe. He's gorgeous.

Anyways, I hope you all are well. Take care. :)

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Comments (1)

  1. meredith

    Welcome back, Mez – you were missed! Hmmm, not sure I could do the online school thing but making your own hours sounds pretty terrific! Glad you and Fez are still happily in love and I will check out that Youtube video. I hope you won’t disappear again

    October 05, 2008
  2. EasyToSay

    MEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz … I was about to send you another email… yer I know stalker written all over it! Lol.

    Sounds like you’ve got interesting times ahead with your school closing?
    Glad Fez and you are going strong, and it’s nice that you are getting along with his friends and family. Both needed for a strong future.

    I too will check out the youtube later.

    Take care, and if you have time, don’t be a stranger


    October 05, 2008
  3. katiepeter

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    March 10, 2017